Qu Chunli

The Life of Confucius

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  • Példány állapota: újszerű
  • Kiadás éve: 1996
  • ISBN: 7119019090
  • Nyelv: angol
  • Oldalak száma: 645

Confucius was a great thinker, educator and statesman of ancient China and founder of the Confucianist school of thought. For over two thousand years since his death, his teachings have exerted a profound and far-reaching influence on Chinese history.

Qu Chunli’s historical novel The Life of Confucius portrays the life of Confucius from his birth till his death and also tells something about his ancestors and offspring up to modem times. Vivid description is given about various aspects of Confucius’ life including his moral principles, teaching career, political activities, and collation of ancient documents. His life of persistent strivings in the face of numerous frustrations and setbacks is set against the background of growing interstate contention in the late Spring and Autumn Period. Confucius was depicted both as a sage of exceptional diligence, great learning and lofty virtue and as a flesh-and-blood human being with rich emotions. Some anecdotes provide insight into the complex thought of the great master. The book also portrays vividly many of Confucius’ disciples and other historical figures.

The book is an integration of historical research and literary creation. Historical documents and folklore are both’ incorporated into the book to create a true-to-life, historically authentic image of Confucius. Using easy-to-understand language and a smooth, natural plot, the book is an important work that can help readers gain a better understanding of Confucius and traditional Chinese culture.

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