Andrew Bowman, Ismail Ertürk, Julie Froud, Adam Leaver, Colin Haslam, Sukhdev Johal, Michael Moran, Karel Williams

What A Waste: Outsourcing and how it goes wrong

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  • Példány állapota: újszerű
  • Kiadás éve: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-0719099533
  • Nyelv: angol
  • Oldalak száma: 120

Outsourcing-contracting out the delivery of public services to private providers-is a political revolution in the way the economy is governed. This book combines follow the money research and political analysis to critique outsourcing and constructively propose a “fee for management” alternative. Government presses outsourcing partly because it benefits when outsourcing delivers new possibilities of blame shifting. Cost reductions in the outsourced service are too often levered on wage reductions in the outsourced service which are futile when they increase the social bill for subvention of low wages. The result is a kind of sham capitalism which allows the private sector to take profit unjustifiably on mundane contracts without investment or revenue risk. At corporate level, the result is fiasco prone conglomerates and extensive arbitraging of limited liability in ways which disadvantage the citizen.

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